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Anthony Farquhar-Smith

Anthony is renowned for his storytelling and original stop motion animation style.

Whether working closely with feature film Directors Wes Anderson and Tim Burton, or directing numerous TV commercials and programmes, stop motion Director Anthony is well known for his masterful ability to bring inanimate objects to life and give them personality and feeling. 

In his technical approach, Anthony uses both traditional stop motion techniques and modern digital tools. However, whatever the method, his craft always drives the narrative and character performance in the most engaging way.

Anthony has worked both nationally and internationally in the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States. He’s worked on Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride’ and was lead animator on Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. He was also brought in to animate some of the toughest scenes in ‘Isle of Dogs’, including the cult status ‘Sushi scene’ and the ‘Drumming scene’. Select commercial credits include Facebook, Samsung, Tesco, Hershey’s and the award-winning 2020 John Lewis Christmas ad.