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Anthony Farquhar-Smith

Anthony is known for his storytelling and original animation style.

Whether working with feature film directors like Wes Anderson and Tim Burton, or directing numerous television commercials and programs, stop motion director Anthony is known for his ability to bring inanimate objects to life and to give them personality and feeling.

Anthony worked on Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and was lead animator on Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox. He was brought in to help animate some of the toughest Isle of Dogs scenes including the cult status Sushi scene and the drumming scene.

In his technical approach Anthony uses both traditional stop motion techniques and modern digital tools, but whatever the method his craft always drives the particular story being told.

He has worked internationally in Denmark, Switzerland and the United States as well as for companies around the UK.

Most recently Anthony has begun to produce his own short films. The first of these was the award winning ‘Stick Out,’ which was well received on the festival circuit and featured as a finalist in the Virgin Media Shorts competition. His next film, ‘Drawer.’ is currently in production.

  • Commercial

    Anthony Farquhar-Smith

    Not To Scale, Anthony Farquhar-Smith and online retailer Zulily collaborated to highlight the brand’s ‘Joy of Shopping’ through a series of exquisitely fashioned films. With the emphasis on craft, detail...
  • Commercial

    Colorado Lottery
    Anthony Farquhar-Smith

    Anthony Farquhar-Smith and Not To Scale create three joyful spots for Colorado Lottery. Inspired by nature documentaries, we created these films as if we were discovering two unknown species... 'Hippopotamoose' and...
  • Online Film

    Chase Distillery
    Anthony Farquhar-Smith

    Not To Scale, Anthony F-S and Forever Beta tell the unique ‘Field to Bottle Story’ of the Chase Vodka and Gin Distillery through a beautifully designed collage and stop motion...
  • Commercial

    Anthony Farquhar-Smith

    This spot combines stop frame animation and motion control to promote the Samsung V-NAND drive. Co-directed with The Queen, the film emerged from a brief to shoot in a style common to skate videos and...