Imaginary Friend Society

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation -Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Director & Agency

An odd couple if ever there was one, best (imaginary) friends Brawley and Frond chat with us about anger and about how everyone needs to blow their top now and then.

Making friends
Imaginary Friend Society

The Imaginary Friend Society is a cast of characters who star in a series of animated films created for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation by RPA, that help explain confusing cancer-related topics in a way that’s kid-friendly. The series speaks to kids about both the medical and emotional aspects of cancer in an effort to make them a little more comfortable during a very difficult experience. For the film, Anthony Farquhar-Smith created two unique characters and filmed them in stop-motion to bring these two comical yet sensitive souls to life.

Imaginary Friend Society
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