Inflatable House


Anthony Farquhar-Smith and Not To Scale London brings to life a simple but wonderfully visual script starring Olbas Oil hero, Lauren.


All bunged up on the sofa, Lauren is having one of those ‘duvet days’, when, suddenly, she is plagued by giant, mysterious balloons which swell around her, hemming her in. That is until Lauren reaches for a bottle of Olbas Oil, takes a sniff, and the balloons disappear. At last, Lauren can breathe again.

Anthony Farquhar-Smith,
“I like that we are never quite sure if it is actually happening or if her imagination is just running wild because of her bunged up, cloudy and cold-ridden head.”
Inflatable House - Olbas Oil
Our Olbas Oil Hero
Inflatable House - Olbas Oil
Lauren’s environment is distorted yet familiar. The proportions are slightly skewed and the feel of things are a little looser, as though they have been sketched.

To create the perfect aesthetic, Anthony worked with illustrator, Izzy Burton. She designed two distinctive Laurens: the first one under the weather and bleary-eyed, and the second, refreshed, healthy and smiling. Anthony and the model makers, Yamination, endeavoured to keep the spirit of her drawings down to the smallest detail when creating the puppets and environment. As you can see, Izzy’s initial style frame is very similar to the finished product.

It was not all stop motion...

We also employed the latest technological breakthrough in SFX during the shoot. And by "breakthrough " we mean someone under a desk blowing up a balloon. In truth, we used air-canisters and custom made balloons, but the effect is the same.

Inflatable House - Olbas Oil
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