Priority Driving

Director & Agency

Colin Hesterly brings the TomTom message to life using a simple graphic style and seamless transitions. Produced out of Not To Scale Amsterdam with 180, Colin showcases "the luxurious offers of becoming a TomTom Priority Drive all while travelling the red carpet”. 


Colin was inspired by the graphic nature of vintage travel and Art Deco posters when approaching the look and feel of the film. Both 180 and Colin pulled together a handful of images that really inspired them and took it from there. 

Colin Hesterly,
“Technically, this was a challenging project. We spent a lot of time working on the camera movement, trying to smooth the timing of both actions and the typography which always seems so much easier when storyboarding.”

The result is a really fun piece of work filled with little hidden scenes. The simple colour palette, textures and bold typography were a breath of fresh air for Colin, who is used to creating lush, detailed backgrounds and characters.