Next - EV

E.ON Next -Ronda
Director & Agency

Character specialists, Ronda, return to create the next instalment for E.ON Next with Not To Scale and R/GA. Charming and colourful, the campaign is dedicated to E.ON Next’s commitment to renewable energies and sustainability.


Directing trio Ronda breathe life into every moment and character, in bright and cheerful 2d animation. The minimalist aesthetic, with its vibrant and defined colours, gives prominence to the narrative, allowing the characters to take centre stage. Each element, from the smiling sun to the cheeky lightning-bolt, has its own unique charm and personality.

“Our creative flourishes lie in the simple, flat 2D aesthetic, the limited yet vibrant colour palette, and above all the humour and charm of the characters. There is a well-defined animation style, with transitions between each scene and a lot of fluidity in the way of communicating.”

At the same time, Ronda ensured to clearly communicate the green message of the spot, without overshadowing the narrative and aesthetic. The campaign pays homage to E.ON Next’s sustainable mission with humour and vibrancy – and in typical Ronda fashion.