Acid Town

Director & Agency

Acid Town is an advertisement for TALCID, a stomach medication from Bayer that is used for relieving acidity and heartburn.

Cheng-Hsu storyboarded, designed and animated all the 2D animations in this stunning advert.


The film shows how the stomach and stomach acid respond to external influences. Every external stimulus, from morning coffee to everyday stress to pizza to-go, is reflected inside the stomach and affects the pH level there.

In the spot, two worlds collide: the real world and the fascinatingly illustrated world inside the stomach – a colourful, vibrant city: Acid Town, the “City of Stomach Acid.” When the pH level there drops into the critical range, heartburn occurs. A fire-breathing dragon appears, and everyone’s on the run. 

Taking Talcid® is supposed to render the dragon harmless. A white dove emerges: the therapeutically optimal pH of 4.5 is restored and peace returns to Acid Town.