Stronger Than Time

Mercedes-Benz -Sehsucht
Director & Agency

A timeless vehicle that was to become an icon through the years. A landmark of automotive engineering, it’s DNA preserved in 44 tons of Amber, now reborn in the all new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

To prove that the legend lives on in the new 2018 models, Ole Peters and the Sehsucht team transitioned between macro perspectives of amber resin, vast landscapes and epic urban structures.

Mercedes-Benz - G-Class

Old Vs New

The G-class was developed as a military vehicle before quickly being transofmred into a civilian vehicle in 1979. The very last model, the G -Glass was made in 2018, and this promotional video celebrates the the history and DNA passed down through time. 

Alongside shot of the G-Class, we are also treated to some beautiufull scenic shots.

As no CAD files were used during the creation of the original G-Class, the older vehicle had to be painstakingly modelled by hand.