Latinx Heritage Month

Director & Agency

Instagram celebrates LatinX Heritage Month by showcasing the musical talents of renowned Latinx stars Guaynaa, Mariah Angeliq, Elisama, Adriel Favela, Esteman Mateus & Melania Luisa Marte.

Produced by Not To Scale NY and directed by mixed media supremo Kris Merc this dynamic spot conveys the vibrant message of 'somos limitless' a celebration of Latinx culture & heritage for LHHM. 

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To celebrate this special month Instagram teamed up with a handful of Latinx musicians who play to their own distinctive beat. The selected artists embrace multiculturalism by creating sounds that cross borders and allow listeners to hear what the world of Latin music is all about.  Coupled with Kris' directing makes it a wonderful celebration of all things Latinx.

Kris Merc,
"I use mixed media to express an intersection of culture, place and emotion. It’s an organic, energised form of communication. Taking performance footage and layering it with the colours and textures of the artists’ world, Latinx imagery old and new, religious and street, delivers us a new image now burning with connections and emotion."
Joyful rebellion. Cultural fluidity. Renewal. Somos Limitless. That’s it. That’s what we stand for.

Celebrating & uplifting Latinx & Hispanic cultures is incredibly central to Kris’ work & he conveys the multifaceted stories through his contemporary visuals and directorial lens, creating aesthetically fluid & vibrant films that never digress to stereotypes or presumptions. The collaboration of these artists performing in their own style…becomes this visceral, visual, musical, sensory celebration of the fluidity of Latinx culture – cultural fluidity is our superpower and we want to share it!