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Give A Little Love
John Lewis

We are so proud to be a part of this year’s most exciting seasonal event – the John Lewis Christmas advert! Shot by Not To Scale and our brilliant crew over six days in London, helping bring Anthony Farquhar-Smith’s signature stop-motion style to this project, as one of the eight artists chosen to collaborate with Pulse Films, and as the overall animation supervisor on this year’s hotly-anticipated campaign, titled ‘Give A Little Love’

“A little love gets passed on, then gets passed on to another person. That’s what we’re going to need this Christmas”

Anthony Farquhar-Smith

We worked alongside director Oscar Hudson, Anthony, and Arch Model Studio, to bring to life our charming characters of Spike, a hedgehog with dreams of flying, and the Pigeon Crew, creating an unlikely but heart-warming friendship.

Character Development

“Very proud to play a small part in such a brilliant advert with so many amazing creatives involved!”

James Ward – Concept Artist

The Give A Little Love campaign was a collaboration of many artists and creatives to bolster an industry that had been hit hard by Coronavirus. The proceeds of the campaign merchandise were donated to UK charities supporting over one hundred thousand families in need, proving that a little love goes a long way!

Puppet BTS