Not To Scale Signs Andy Hall

News - 17.05.2024
New Signing

We are thrilled to announce that Andy Hall has joined our roster.

In his career so far, Andy has been creating work across movies, games, television and adland, threading the through line of narrative craftsmanship that defines his projects for an array of creative partners and brands including Nike, Xbox, Warner Brothers, Disney, Apple, and HBO. Partnering with the latter, Andy won the Emmy Award in 2024 for Outstanding Main Title Design for "The Last of Us”.

“I’m delighted to be joining Not to Scale, known for nurturing a diverse pool of talent, each with their distinctive style that beautifully complements one another, perfectly aligning with my multidisciplinary storytelling approach.”
Andy Hall, Director
“A master of his trade, Andy has honed the skill of using camera and character to tell captivating stories within beautifully crafted imagery without the need to rely heavily on dialogue. This is the essence of Cinema; and so we are delighted to be able to bring Andy’s services to film and television studios, gaming companies, and brands, in the UK, EU and US, that look to engage their audiences with unforgettable cinematic experiences whether that is in a short or longer format.”
Dan O'Rourke, Founder of Not To Scale