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Headless Biography

Headless is a troika of three talented directors usually working from studio spaces in Paris or Barcelona. Fluent in English, French and Spanish they are; Victor Maldonado, Adrian Garcia and Alfredo Torres.

When they started their career, Adrian and Victor worked on the character designs whilst Alfredo specialized in story layout and animation. Adrian and Victor came to art direction and directing later creating the feature film “Nocturna” (co-produced within France), which won the Goya Best Animated Feature in 2007. It is on “Nocturna” that they first met Alfredo, in charge of storyboard supervision and background design, and who ended up co-directing the film with them. The Headless collective first got notoriety in 2010 with their teaser short for “I¹m a monster” that enjoyed a true takeoff on the Internet.

Headless, “three characters, a single mind, no head at all”: three complementary talents, naturally gifted in animation and character design. Currently working on a variety of feature films projects including designing and storyboarding for Dreamworks and Paramount designing as well as directing an animated feature in the U.S and collaborating with director J.Bayona (“The Impossible” & “The Orphanage”) on his next movie “A Monster Calls”. They offer you their colourful, cheerful, warm and smiling world that both children and grown-ups can easily relate to. Creating magical and yet so realistic characters, presented in an ultra fluid beautiful way. Hooray for Headless.


Fema – Flood Smart

Fresh out the can from Headless, directed and designed a commercial for FEMA (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency). Produced for JWT. Amazing character design and sublime storytelling, this is Headless at its best.

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Strange Oaks

Strange happenings at Strange Oaks; magically animated ‘Advertisement’ by our exciting new signing directing triumverate Headless. Feeling Peckish?

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No Pets Allowed

Someone unexpected has popped around for tea again, “Stay calm Dears”. In this brilliantly observed CG short, the guests are very much unwelcome!

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I’m a Monster

I’m a monster is a wonderfully witty animation about a monster whom has settled down with a human family.

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My Family and the Wolf

“My Family And The Wolf” aims to be a love letter to childhood summers, attempting to evoke the recollections of certain lights and smells in an almost Proustian way, but above all that, to help claim our memories as our most valuable treasure. This amazing feature project is developed by Nectarious films / Christine Ponzevera. Read more about the project here.

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The Strange Case

A very strange case indeed, as a daughter takes on a big adventure to find her fathers missing head!

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