• Our Amsterdam animals Pierre+Bertrand have been busy taming the untameable animal of BIFI for the German market and creating great content for Peperami UK within the walls of our buzzing Amsterdam office.

    Contagious and victoriously presented in the first of several TVC’s, the BIFI animal and his friends are taking over stores.

    Creative team of Dutch agency BSUR // P+B gave new body and life to the character that was originally aired for UK sister brand Peperami.

    Its a bit of an animal – check it out.

  • DEVO lead singer, Mark Mothersbaugh, speaks on growing up legally blind, despising music until he saw the Beatles, and how Devo got it’s name in California Inspires Me, a BBH Los Angeles collaboration with The California Sunday Magazine and Google Play delightfully directed by Manson.

  • An exploration in nostalgia, Colin Hesterly’s World Of Motion is a tribute to man’s various achievements in transportation and technology. Enjoy this 2D short animated film written, directed, designed and animated by Colin.

  • This commercial for Audi Celebrates their amazing dominance of Le Mans. Despite showing the new coupe R18 car, Director Chris Curtis wanted to focus on their driver (Allan McNish) and the incredible physical feat it takes to drive at the top level in this world famous race. The music is composed by the very talented Chris Reed. Original presented in 3D stereoscopic, this is the 2D version of the version delivered for cinema and TV.

  • This commercial for Škoda introduces the theme of simple and clever inventions that have a big impact on our everyday lives. It was commissioned as an introduction to Škoda’s social media platform.

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