Oreo - Game of Thrones

Oreo -Andy Hall
Director & Agency

Winter is coming for our favourite biscuit sandwiches. Director Andy Hall alongside Kirk Shintani deliver an epic cookie based commercial promoting the Game of Thrones Limited edition Oreo biscuits. Mirroring the opening credits, only in biscuit forms, all men and woman must DIVE into these delicious drama filled cookies. 


The opening credits of Game of Thrones not only map out the show's expansive geography but also adapt to highlight the themes of each specific episode. Inspired by this clever technique, this Oreo project highlights the four remaining kingdoms battling for the throne. Eagle eyed viewers will spot unique cookie embossed with each house's sigil and cleverly tucked away as Easter eggs throughout the film.

With OREO and HBO wanted to collaborate to commemorate the final season of Game of Thrones, they approached Elastic, who were responsible for the shows opening titles, this lent an air of authenticity to the commercial.

Andy Hall stepped in to direct the commercial, lending his style and animation skills into bringing this biscuit based advert to life, alongside Kirk Shintani.