Cold Foam

Dunkin Donuts -Ronda
Director & Agency

Get a caffeine boost from these exciting 2D animations with BBDO NY directed by Ronda for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee bursting with colour and vibrancy!

Cold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold FoamCold Foam

The creative concept consisted of working that extra energy and everything revolves around that, both the actions and the framing of the shots.

The lightning bolts enhanced this and were a connector between actions and characters. The goal was for everything to be dynamic and extreme, at the same time human and unique. 

Character Designs
Character Designs
“Our characteristic Ronda style can be seen in the use of full colours, the compositional construction of the shots and the spatiality. At the same time, the script led us to explore new and different uses of the camera in the 2D universe.”

Working with Dunkin’s colour palette as a base, Ronda added black and white to accentuate the contrast that the lighting bolts’ brightness needed. At the same time, the camera and the super-extreme perspectives accentuated the dynamics and high speed that play a very defined role in the animation. With this style, everything became “Extra” both the actions and the extreme camera angles and positions.

Ronda continues this approach to the Dunkin’ characters and style in the second spot for Cold-Foam, seamlessly transitioning into softer, rounded angles and fresh cool-tones.