Dove Advanced Care

Unilever -Savants
Director & Agency

Ogilvy approached Not To Scale London and Directors Hello Savants, just before lockdown, to create a beautiful animated product spot for Dove Advanced Care.

Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant is a new product in the Dove range and its sensitive nature is echoed in the delicate and elegant continuous 2D line used to highlight the narrative.


Feminine charm and sophistication abounds in the minimal, soft 2D animation representing this new ‘kind’ deodorant. The animation is centred around a simple line that takes you through the script with the packaging integral to the commercial as a whole.

Hello Savants,
"The aesthetic is driven by an animated line that transforms into shapes and minimalistic drawings, until it reveals the product pack. The animation itself was challenging as the line is hand-drawn animated."

Hello Savants expertly elaborate the narrative with the hand drawn line animated frame by frame and morphing into simple and figurative shapes with added accent Dove brand colours. The simplicity belies the complexity of the technique and also the pace and timing of the animation within the confines of the 30” spot.