Burberry World Tour


Burberry’s live world tour was stylishly designed and directed by Silent Studios through Not To Scale London.

Twelve Projectors projected a 360 degree image onto large screens that wrapped around the entire launch party. An impressive 28 minutes worth of content was created in break neck speed to be played throughout the evening. A truly immersive Brand experience.


The Burberry Story

Burberry is a global brand with a deep British heritage. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand is underpinned by the strong values of their founder. Merging a passion for the outdoors, they continue to push the possibilities of exploration.

The World Tour Show

Held in Taipei, the show was designed around a 360 degree screen that surrounded the room and featured almost half an hour of footage that would play throughout the evening.  

Not To Scale created 6 different videos, all made specifically to fit the 360 degree screens seamlessly. Each section had it's own creative design and feel. You can see the full videos HERE