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E.ON Next
E.ON Next

Character specialists Ronda took the charm of the E.ON characters to the next level in this dynamic and colourful spot for the energy giant. Each character relates to a renewable energy source and reinforces the positive change that E.ON is focusing on for now and the future of our planet.

Using symbols that are universally associated with sustainable power Not To Scale directors Ronda added to the charm and likeability with full frame shots, depth and fast transitions, bringing these fun and bouncy characters, brimming with personality, to our screens.

Character animation is one of our greatest joys, we love bringing them to life and giving them unique personalities

Early animatic
Character Design

We wanted to create a first TV spot for E.ON Next and tell their sustainable story in a fun and engaging way, so we asked Ronda and Not to Scale to help. By injecting heaps of warmth, charm and personality into our little gang of characters, they created a launch ad that really stands out and sets the perfect tone for this new brand.

Ross Newton – Engine