Luca&Sinem Join Not To Scale

News - 14.02.2021
New Signing

We are so excited to welcome the dynamic duo of Luca&Sinem to the Not To Scale roster.

After meeting at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan they began collaborating and have seen their work screened at acclaimed festivals and award shows globally including Oscar-Qualified Atlanta film festival, SIGGRAPH, AnimaMundi, Edinburgh and British Animation Awards.

Known for their distinctive and eccentric storytelling, Luca&Sinem take each project as a new challenge to create a unique visual world and characters. They have lent their narrative talents to worldwide agencies and brands such as Oreo, ING Banks and Renault. Outside of their commercial experience, they both are known for contributing to successful TV animation projects.

"Once we receive a brief, we avoid looking into any references directly related to animation. We always get inspired by different mediums in order to avoid direct contamination and make distinct work. We also don’t want to approach what we do as“animated illustrations”: the viewer’s suspension of disbelief is all that matters. It’s about creating a genuine fake through bold cinematography and to deliver a comprehensible story and believable characters, no matter the style or technique. We are jumping onboard with NTS and of course, we are excited. We knew and respect each other’s work, and we believe their vision and global strategy will open new possibilities for us to grow artistically."
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