Deutsche Telekom is shortlisted at Ciclope!

News - 27.10.2023

So excited to announce that Grandpa from our three-part, multimedia Deutsche Telekom campaign has been shortlisted in the Character Design category at Ciclope. Directed by the amazing Luca&Sinem.

With their attention to detail, Luca&Sinem bring a sophisticated and light-hearted ingenuity to the characters of the Deutsche Telekom universe. Rhythm, timing and expression play a key role in bringing out the comedy of the script and highlight each character's charm and eccentricities without falling into stereotypes. The directing duo invested lots of time into the preparation of the 3D character rig to give each character the widest range of facial expressions and to also give them a three-dimensional personality. After all, Grandpa Oaf is not a formulaic old man; he's still out on the dating scene!

Watch the full project here.