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Three characters, a single mind, no head at all: three complementary talents, naturally gifted in animation and character design.


Headless is a troika of three talented directors working from studio spaces in Paris and Barcelona. Fluent in English, French and Spanish, they are Victor Maldonado, Adrian Garcia and Alfredo Torres. Together Headless create colourful, cheerful and warm worlds which both children and grown-ups can relate to. Their characters are magical yet still realistic, presented in an ultra-fluid and beautiful way.

 Early on in their careers, Adrian and Victor specialised in character design whilst Alfredo was experienced in story layout and animation. Adrian and Victor soon arrived at art direction and directing, and later created the feature film “Nocturna” (co-produced within France), which won the Goya Best Animated Feature in 2007. During production, they first met Alfredo who supervised the storyboards and background design; he ended up co-directing the film with them.

The Headless collective first gained notoriety with their teaser short for “I’m A Monster” that took off on the Internet. They’ve since worked on a variety of feature film projects, including designing and storyboarding for Dreamworks and Paramount, as well as directing an animated feature in the U.S and most recently collaborating with director J.Bayona (“The Impossible” & “The Orphanage”) on his latest movie “A Monster Calls”. They’ve won multiple awards for their work on the Guillermo del Toro Netflix series, “Trollhunters”, including an Emmy in Individual Achievement in Animation.