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About Us

Experts in multiple film disciplines, we are an acclaimed international studio who passionately develop and craft beautiful engaging stories, communications and experiences for audiences everywhere.


We enjoy working directly with Agencies, Channels and Brands to conceptualise, produce and deliver talked-about creative content that can be integrated to work across every possible media platform.

Whether there is a loose creative brief or a fully researched script, our in-house Directors and Producers are highly experienced in expanding an idea to reach the best possible final concept and script ideas for your proposed budget and schedule. If you require options on creative routes and strategy, our network of copywriters and strategists can also provide further thinking and insight in order to ensure our response is aligned with where your film content and your brand really needs to be to make an impact both now and for the future.
We have an international team of expert Production Managers, Producers and Executive Producers with decades of production experience between them. Our Producers are adept at navigating the most challenging creative and scheduling hurdles, thus enabling our diverse roster of multi-disciplined Directors to focus on what they do best - apply creative direction and problem solving on any given production. Our Directors place craft and creativity above all else and we take pride in the fact that we are renowned the world over for our skill at mastering every type of film production technique.
Not To Scale is a full service production company. We have our own state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities in North America, UK and Central Europe, with our core skills centred around animation and VFX techniques. Over the last ten years we have invested considerably in our creative infrastructure, with the best Autodesk CG animation software, Arnold render farms, Final Cut editing software, AFX & Nuke compositing software, Da Vinci colour grading facility, and Audio producing expertise. We are then able to deliver the final picture to you making it more convenient for you to ‘four wall’ your entire project with Not To Scale and help you realise the most efficient use of your time and budget.
Clients & Awards

We’re proud to produce award-winning work for the world’s best agencies and brands.

Say hello or send us your brief to find out how we work and what we can do for you.