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Hello Savants

A creative studio made up of people with unique abilities and unexpected talents.

A collective of long-time friends with diverse and complementary skills, Hello Savants are an Amsterdam-based collective that like to share their love for ideas, while having fun at the same time. Combining their wild imaginations, the group thrives by experimenting with new styles and artistic techniques, working on both experimental and commercial projects.

Over the years their visions have been filling up galleries all over the world as well as thousands of pages, screens, canvases or anything else they can lay their hands on. Working with many international clients, their work has also featured at several festivals, websites and magazines including Onedotzero, Motionographer and LdN.

The collective travels between Italy, Spain and their Amsterdam studio, always looking for fresh ways to shed light on every story.

  • Online Film

    Hello Savants

    Hello Savants teamed up with communications agency Bray Leino to create a series of free, fun and colourful TVC’S for spot skincare brand Freederm. The brief was to take the...
  • Benetton
    Hello Savants

    Hello Savants direct this moving spot for Benetton which reflects a collection of merging identities and celebrates our constantly changing global society. The models that wear the new collection do not in fact exist...
  • Self Initiated

    Hello Savants

    "Melanc-Ollie" is a series of short animations inspired by the dynamics and shapes of skateboarding. Observed through an extreme perspective, the videos enhance the essence of movement. Based on footage...