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  • Stop Motion
Online Film

Working From_

Not To Scale 2d & stop motion directors Klimpa worked with Ennismore to create a fun film for their new brand Working From_

The lobbies of the Hoxton Hotels have been the unofficial work space of choice for laptop warriors since opening in 2006. Taking that ethos one step further Ennismore have developed a new shared workspace called Working From_ for The Hoxton, Southwark and The Hoxton, Chicago. The workspace is designed to feel like working from home but without any of the distractions; not a ‘one size fits all workspace’ but a flexible membership to suit any metier big or small.

Ben Quinton’s stylish photography of the The Hoxton, Southwark was used as background to Klimpa’s 2d animated characters and married with stop motion and 2d elements. This was an ingenious way to create a fresh and unique look and the blend of techniques make the film feel more engaging and quirky, in keeping with the laidback and informal feel of the brand.