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  • 2D Animation
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Virtual Venture

Not To Scale create an animated adventure in mobile banking for Santander! Combining the humour and wit of beloved duo Ant & Dec with dynamic and nostalgic pixelated animation.

Tasked with bringing the bank of ‘Antandec’ into the virtual world, every pixel was imbued with fun and humour, mirroring the avatars’ real-life counterparts and creating a film that feels retro while still bringing mobile banking into current times. Iconic TV duo Ant & Dec formed the starting point of this project, defining the environment and aesthetic of their virtual bank, calling back to the brand’s previous adverts and interweaving easter eggs throughout the animation to maintain the cohesive humour. 

“Working with NTS has been an absolute dream. Even in these strange times of working, they were always easy to get in touch with and quick to help wherever they could. We can’t wait to work with them again in the future.”


“The world was supposed to be a virtual one, sure, but it was also supposed to be an Antandec version of a virtual world, cool and fun for sure, but not necessarily so high tech.

So we went for a pixel aesthetic, a 90’s video games feel, something we believed Antandec would like virtual reality to be. So much more Street Fighter and Super Mario bros than Oculus VR!

This was our first job working with pixel art, and we loved it! We always love working with new techniques, exploring new possibilities, even though pushing the story and humour is our number one focus” – BAT, directors

Storyboard to final edit