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Left Right


  • 3D Animation

The Line Painter

The story of Roy, a hard-working line painter. The story unfolds to show our protagonist’s journey from painter to hero, helping to free the Bird riders from the pollution and stress of their commute and show frazzled drivers that there is another way to travel to work. Stunning character design, suffused lighting and powerful narrative elevate a recognisable every day scene of commuting to work into an engaging and emotionally led story.

The character of Roy was designed to be likeable, an everyman who is fed up of the status-quo and with a desire to make the world a better place, awakened within him by BIRD scooters. Great care was taken to ensure that Roy was relatable enough to be the connector to the audience & hopefully showing them that they too can have a positive impact on the planet, and that the road opens up when they do!

Roy Character Design

Directors BAT also carefully considered the environment, wanting to keep a modern style that adapts with Roy throughout his day. Diffused lighting and soft colour palettes keep the environment welcoming, while lighting a golden road ahead for Roy and BIRD scooters.