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Left Right


  • 3D Animation


Written and directed by Mate Steinforth, the VR video for Moderat's single 'Reminder' takes you into a dystopian world where a rebellious teenager slaves away, harvesting crystals from a vast grey landscape. This sparkling bounty is brought as an offering to a tribal deity, who resides in a shrine guarded by sentinels with green glowing masks, where he is constantly under attack from an army of drones. The use of Unreal Engine (software typically used in the gaming space), coupled with motion capture sequences, seamlessly integrated into the 3D scenes, helped to achieve a feeling of “reality” even within this abstract world. This also opened the door to incorporate a cutting-edge, interactive VR element for the Oculus Rift that makes the experience truly and uniquely immersive. The video made the official selection of the Kaleidoscope VR World Tour 2016. You can find the 360° version on the New York Times VR app.