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Left Right


  • 2D Animation



Restoring Family Links
Norwegian Red Cross

Every 48 seconds someone contacts a Red Cross office to find information about a missing relative, receive support or seek protection. The Norwegian Red Cross and agency Papaya asked Not To Scale New York and director Colin Hesterly to create a short film to raise awareness about the work the Red Cross and Red Crescent do, around the world, to reunite the thousands who get separated from their loved ones. For the beautiful 2D animation, Colin developed his signature graphic look with high contrast and big, bold shapes. Stripping away any excess details, the film gives the viewer a more open sense of time and place and allows audiences the opportunity to connect with the characters and their journey. With the palette, Colin carefully created a tight range of desaturated colours that pair wonderfully with the Red Cross logo. The opening and closing shots include more colour, helping to connect the two scenes in the present day. Animation by Anne Calandre and audio design by David Kamp.