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Add Some Spice to your Snacks with Manomasa

Vibrant colours & shapes to appeal to all the senses in these stop-motion idents for Manomasa!

Director Anthony Farquhar-Smith was tasked with conveying the heart & soul of the brand which lies within their tantalising flavours & traditional production methods. Spicy green chillis, bold red peppers & golden honey dance across the screen creating a visual feast of stop-motion animation. Shot entirely in London (green lemons & all!)

Anthony & his team approached this project wanting to bring to life the Latin American spirit & combine it with magical animated transformations as we see the raw ingredients change into expertly made chips. Each frame was meticulously crafted with Anthony’s signature style.

My father was from El Salvador, so I aimed to channel my Central American ancestry, combine it with the ingredients full of flavour and provenance and create some beautifully colourful and playful visuals.