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  • 2D Animation


LOLA MullenLowe

La Palma Renacerá
Plátano de Canarias

The cultivation of the Canary Islands Banana (“Plátano de Canarias”) is an essential activity on La Palma, an island tragically covered by ash after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The damage suffered by the plantations turned into collective suffering shared by all the people living on the island. For this reason, this year the “Asociación de Organizaciones de Productores de Plátano de Canarias” wanted to send a message of hope for Christmas by creating the campaign “La Palma will be reborn” (“La Palma Renacerá”).

Produced by CANADA, and animated by Bliss, the agency LOLA Mullenlowe was the architect of the poetic idea behind the film: to use the ashes that cover the island of La Palma and turn them into something new to tell a story of reconstruction and rebirth.

CANADA asked Bliss to create a piece based on the ashes of La Palma’s volcano as a source of inspiration. Their first step was to artistic research: they wanted to remain faithful to the volcanic material. Bliss developed several tests to obtain the synthetic style in the film, which allows the animation to be dynamic and emotional.

Finally, Bliss carried out the traditional 2D animation which was carefully created frame by frame to achieve that fluidity in the movements and transitions that give expressiveness to the whole piece. The realistic finishing was achieved through the simulation of particles that aim to imitate the colour, texture, and shape of the volcanic ash.