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Kontent Partners

Joy Of Shopping

Not To Scale, Anthony Farquhar-Smith and online retailer Zulily collaborated to highlight the brand’s ‘Joy of Shopping’ through a series of exquisitely fashioned films. With the emphasis on craft, detail and a unique shopping experience, Anthony immerses you into a glorious miniature world of Zulily fun.

Not To Scale L.A. was approached with the brief to create a beautiful virtual shopping world, showcasing dozens of desirable items in an eye catching and original way. Anthony and Zulily wanted to design a world that was quite fantastical but still rooted to certain real world ideologies.

The sets and props were made in miniature, just 3 inches high, and included teddy bears with articulated arms and legs, furniture, bicycles and tiny handbags with lovely leather detailing; a miriad of tiny, precise and awe inspring products that enhance the charm and wonder of the Zulily world.