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  • 2D Animation
Online Film

Putting the emotion back into the emoji

Charismatic, charming and characterful, these animated emojis for Google have been pumped with energy and emotion by the wonderful storytellers, Ronda.

Not To Scale was delighted to be chosen by Google to refresh and reanimate hundreds of emojis for Google. We wanted to ensure that each animated emoji conveyed an endearing, accurate and emotional tone that appeals to both the sender and the recipient. We created our own short film so we could bring the narratives of each emoji together.

“Clapping Turtles! Dancing Ants! Head Scratching Smileys! Working with Not To Scale has brought our emoji to life. When an emoji is worth a thousand words – animation has given those expressions context, intent and purpose.”

Jennifer Daniel, Designer at Google

An emoji for every feeling…

And every occasion.

The emojis can be found on Google Fonts where you can access desktop ready assets and mobile friendly files to integrate emoji into your products and design mocks. Click here!