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Dating with Depth
OK Cupid

Feel the love with Hello Savants and OK Cupid with their new film! Fluid transitions and seamless cel animation beautifully illustrate the story of finding new love through the OK Cupid app. Hello Savants approached this project through the use of a consistent colour scheme and imaginative scene transitions, bringing life to the characters and guiding the audience through the narrative in a hypnotic way.

“We approached the project as totally classic cel animation, something unusual for us as we usually work with mix technics finding creative technical solutions to achieve our final result. This allowed us to emphasise the human touch and we are really satisfied with the feeling and the beauty of the cel-animated process”

Hello Savants

The characters, designed by new Savants team member Juri Agostinelli, were developed and animated with an emotive human touch, painterly accents and romantic embellishments to create an immersive and joyful world!

Character Development