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Style Frames 2016: War stories from the front line of pitching

We were honoured to be invited to speak at Style Frames 2016 in New York at the beginning of November. From design, animation and VFX to interactive and VR, the annual conference consists of two full days of creative insight and inspiration for industry players to learn how top talent and studios pitch to win. Founder and Executive Producer of Not To Scale Dan O’Rourke contributed to “War Stories”, with speakers relaying hard-won victories from the front lines of the pitching wars. Detailing how Not To Scale survived a grueling roller coaster pitch process to land a large Amex project by pitching “with” the agency and not “at” them, Dan talked about the creative process and the nature of the industry before giving a blow-by-blow account of how NTS won the job. A huge thanks to Stephen and everyone at Stash and Style Frames, and congratulations on another inspiring year!