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Matthias Hoegg creates quirky ads for Rightmove in 3D CG

Not To Scale London and director Matthias Hoegg created a series of kitsch TVC’s for Rightmove, focusing on the moment of excitement when you find the right home. The playful and gleeful objects serve as a quirky, personal and fun backdrop that support the emotional delivery of the interview-style VO’s in which Rightmove customers tell their personal story of finding their happy homes. The objects were created in photoreal CG and set against a simple two colour background that grounds the objects in the 2D graphic world of Rightmove and further ties together the set of films. The mechanical way the Cuckoo Clock moves gives it an almost stop motion feel rather than looking overly smooth in order to convey some of the playfulness within Rightmove’s message.

“Working in CG gave us full control over the design in a relatively short timeframe rather than being confined by existing objects. 3D CGI also enables us to animate the camera travelling around the objects looking at them from different angles which accentuate the play with proportions that is inherent in the figures” comments Matthias

Robin Bond, Client Partner at Homebrew, says, “Matthais and the NTS team have done a fantastic job to bring this idea to life and create visual stand out, which is so rare on TV these days. They’ve helped evolve the Rightmove style in a direction that sings of quality and workmanship. The 3D CG work is clearly outstanding, so much so we’ve had many people asking where they can buy the planets mobile in the ad. The ultimate compliment surely.”