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Making of Colorado Lottery

Not To Scale London, Anthony F-S and Cactus have stop frame fun with two new spots for Colorado Lottery scratch cards.

The brief for Colorado Lottery was to make two spots in a nature documentary style where we discover two unknown species; a Hippopotamoose and a Flamingoat. They, like the scratch cards on offer, are a ‘rare sighting indeed.’

We wanted to create a look for the film that was realistic, but still retained a certain handmade aesthetic. Through thorough research of the Colorado landscape, the sets were geographically accurate but kept a certain miniature feel.

The challenge creatively was to build two imaginary creatures that would appear both realistic and plausible. The designs did not want to be too fantastical and seem like they were from the pages of fiction. We wanted the audience to feel that these were two species that have somehow remained undiscovered till now.

Building puppets is time consuming and with the shoot deadline immovable, it was going to be tight. There are several processes to their construction (sculpting, casting, armature construction, painting) and each of these often need small alterations and tweaks before moving on to the next one. The puppet also had to be able to perform what was required from the script, especially the dancing.

The trickiest part of combining the technical and creative aspects of the job was ensuring that when the puppets and the sets would seamlessly marry up. Made from very different materials, the puppets were constructed in Cardiff and the sets were built in Birmingham, and we would not see one in the other before the shoot in London. Happily, they ended up fitting together like the proverbial hand in glove.

‘One of the aspects of the script I was drawn to was the comedy from the slightly surreal concept of an animal winning the lottery. I always like to have humour in my work, and for me, the victory dance was always going to be the funny highlight of the spot.’ – Anthony

Click bellow to watch the full Making Of Colorado Lottery.