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Live action "moments in mindfulness" from Not To Scale NY

Not To Scale NY created a mini-series of 10 uplifting films entitled “moments in mindfulness,” which aims to bring a little calm to a chaotic day. Each leaves viewers with an understanding that just 10 minutes of daily meditation can be as refreshing and sacred as finding time for that first coffee.

The stories explore multiple visual threads that appreciate meaningful everyday moments and the initiative of mindfulness and its benefits, including gardening, body scanning, journaling, walking and stretching. Each spot is about taking a second to enjoy something that’s personal, different, and uniquely yours, each feeling natural and open, loose and real.

The films combine the stories of everyday people, placed side by side to make the overall narrative one of connectedness in our modern culture, with an edit that feels like an engaging documentary portrait. Perfectly genuine moments that show emotion and humanity combine with a special feel-good vibe which is key to connecting the viewers to each spot. Soothing, uplifting music and sound design also elevate the visuals to resonate with the viewer on an emotional level, framing serene moments that help us connect with each of our characters.

Unexpected, honest and revealing moments are also captured with the camera rolling in between takes, when people let their guards down. We see that little glance or that unexpected turn to catch a reflection, a pursed lip, a sense of relaxation taking over someone’s body, and all the other little unplanned, unpremeditated things that tend to unfold. The result is a subtle cinematic push and pull between the smaller intimate interactions and the wider shots, a process which creates moments that feel genuine and inspirational.

Watch a selection of the films here.