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Le Cube: the craft behind launching a unique music video with a powerful message

We’re very proud to have finally launched the ground-breaking campaign for domestic violence charity Refuge with award winning directors Le Cube and BBH London. The film, co-funded by all parties, takes form as the official music video to singer-songwriter Frances’s single ‘Grow’ and seeks to raise awareness of domestic violence and let young women know they are not alone.

The film utilises a fascinating production technique in both 2D and stop-frame animation, helmed by Creative Director of Le Cube, Ralph Karam. The backgrounds and background characters were printed out and tracked past camera in cycles over a 10 day shoot while the main characters of Melanie, Refuge and Frances were animated 2D at both Not To Scale and Le Cube studios. The technique and stillness of the background characters epitomises the vicious cycle Melanie feels like she’s in and highlights her increasing level of isolation and invisibility while reliving the same cycle over and over again – like so many other women – everyday. When she encounters the character representing Refuge, the tone changes and immediately Melanie regains her colour and vibrancy as she is given the support to break this cycle and rebuild her life.

Take a look behind the scenes to see just how much work went into the stop-frame animation process:

Some of the press received so far:

Animation Magazine
Creativity Online
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Source Creative
Digital Arts
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Watch the full finished film here.