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Vincent is made up of Creative Directors Rheea Aranha & John Hill.

Vincent is a design and animation studio based in Soho, London. Working both on individual projects and together, the duo works closely with some of the world’s leading brands in gaming, film and television to create award winning campaigns, cinematics, branding and VFX.

One half of Vincent is film industry creative supervisor John Hill, who designed and supervised a variety of VFX shots, title sequences, script-driven onset UI graphics and post production UI for films including Thunderbirds, The Bourne Supremacy, Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Spy Game, xXx, G-Force, Quantum of Solace, Prometheus and recently for Spectre.

In 2004 John branched out into the broadcast industry focusing on branding, design and animation. In 2006 he worked as a design director on the ITV rebrand for Red Bee Media where he met Vincent’s other half, Rheea Aranha. He now creatively directs a wide scope of projects in film, commercials, branding, digital media, broadcast and gaming projects for clients such as Orange, Electronic Arts, BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, UBS, Guardian, MTV & Ubisoft with Rheea from their design animation studio, Vincent. He is experienced with mocap, green screen, live action direction, 2D/3D stereoscopic animation, pre-vis and VFX.

Rheea is a multiple award-winning creative director who worked with agencies such as Red Bee Media, Kemistry and Devil Fish and was a lead design director for the largest rebrand in broadcast history, ITV in 2005/6.

Rheea has designed and directed major projects for BBC Network, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, ITV Network, BBC Drama, UK Film Council, Film Four, Impact Films, Sony Pictures, Keystone Entertainment, Delia Online, Netherlands National Broadcaster, TV4 Sweden, Living TV and RTE. Awards include multiple Promax Golds, Silvers and Bronze, D&AD, Design Week gold and RSA student award.

  • Online Film


    Concept animation and direction for the new Nike Tiempo boot.  To promote the enhanced speed and agility the boot gives the player, Vincent split the hero into duplicates, suggesting he...
  • Online Film


    For this film the team explored the use of minimal graphics in red, white and black, and simple typography in the Vodafone font style. The resulting animation is at once...
  • Site Specific


    Our director John Hill from Vincent acted as Creative Supervisor alongside Rushes MGFX studio to create an on-set UI design screen for the latest James Bond film, Spectre. The team...