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This Director/Producer duo are firmly committed to expanding motion design horizons both as professionals and artists.

Mirari & Co. is a boutique-style design studio founded by director Jimmy Yuan, who comes from a multi-media design background and has a passion for art and design. His distinctive approach to motion graphic directing and design was inspired by a variety of art forms. After accumulating years of industry experience, he started his own design studio Mirari & Co. with his partner/producer Michelle Xie in 2010.

Under their lead, Mirari has produced a number of stunning motion works for brands including MTV, HBO, Cartier, Barclays Bank, Air China and Unilever. Mirari’s abstract short film ‘SHIFT’ was officially invited to screen at the 2011 Pictoplasma exhibition, 2011 Onedotzero Festival, 2012 Siggraph Exhibition and has widely received favors around the world. Their work has won two golds at PromaxBDA Asia Awards 2013, gold at Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2014, gold and silver at Promax BDA Asia Awards 2014, silver at the 2015 PromaxBDA Global Awards and two golds in the Ident and Event Opener categories at AEAF 2016.

  • Commercial


    For a campaign by Ogilvy London showcasing Unilever’s messaging around sustainability, director duo Mirari brought to life a variety of Unilever brands in a series of nine films. Produced by Not...
  • MTV

    Things hot up in this summer spot for MTV Australia. Mirari designed an ident that fits the theme “MELT”, with surreal, art gallery-style visuals that warp and melt before your very...
  • Self Initiated


    Inspired by traditional Peking Opera characters and Surrealism, Shift combinse two diverse culture senses into one experimental visual piece. This elegant animation from Mirari illustrates their creative and technical abilities and...