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Mate Steinforth

A talented and inspiring filmmaker with expertise in VR, interactive and other emerging technologies.

Mate has created visually striking work for the likes of MTV, Absolut, Mercedes and Red Bull, cutting-edge interactive experiences for Nike and Nokia, and an exclusive 360° VR music video for electronic music project Moderat. Winning the Stash Magazine Global Student Animation Award in 2005 as a graphic design graduate, Mate’s trajectory of success was set early on and he has since received international recognition amongst the creative community for his exciting, enigmatic body of work.

He worked as Creative Director of PSYOP and when he isn’t pushing pixels he’s also founding partner and organizer of design conference Faux Images. After several stints in several amazing studios in several amazing cities including Hamburg, Madrid, Munich and New York, Mate settled into a position as a partner and creative director of SEHSUCHT in Berlin. Here is where he works with a hardcore bunch of crazy design fanatics on their signature style of moving images. Mate’s style and sensibility boils down to a strong graphic foundation combined with an untiring drive and excitement for new technologies.

  • Social

    Mate Steinforth

    Following a visual approach that relies on materiality, animation and ideas, director Mate Steinforth specialises in super realistic CGI executions that allow him to push the boundaries of what is...
  • Online Film

    Mate Steinforth

    In Germany there are over 1.7 Million voluntary workers that operate in a multitude of different fields. Together they build an extensive safety net that can be relied on almost 24/7. With the...
  • Music

    Mate Steinforth

    Written and directed by Mate Steinforth, the VR video for Moderat's single 'Reminder' takes you into a dystopian world where a rebellious teenager slaves away, harvesting crystals from a vast grey...
  • Allianz Cinema
    Mate Steinforth

    Accompanied by playful music, a captivating scene unfolds—literally and figuratively—from a paper cube. Food stalls, a grandstand, tents, and more elegantly construct themselves like origami to create a fairytale outdoor...