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Igor + Valentine

The collective creative mind of directors Matt Smithson + David Stanfield.

Igor + Valentine is the creative mind of Matt Smithson (formerly Man vs. Magnet) and David Stanfield. The name does not refer to any two distinct people, but hints at a creative split personality that Matt and David share, get lost in, and ultimately choose to embrace.

Igor is a mad scientist, a constant tinkerer with an insatiable appetite for experimentation. Valentine is a distinguished gentleman, a precise technician and an elegant craftsman. You’ll see signs of both Igor + Valentine in every piece of work.

Matt Smithson is a director, animator, designer, and maker of odd drawings of ghosts and things. David Stanfield is a motion designer and director. The two combined have worked with clients like Google, Airbnb, Coca-Cola, Reddit, The Atlantic, Zendesk, Vox, Food for the Hungry, IBM, Showtime, Samsung, and MTV.

  • Ident

    Igor + Valentine

    Igor and Valentine and Not to Scale create a dynamic spot for Google for work. Based on an e-mail sent from a supervisor at Google to his team about becoming Makers,...
  • Short Film

    Buster Williams
    Igor + Valentine

    A Vimeo Staff Pick-winning excerpt from the upcoming film 'Buster Williams – Bass to Infinity' directed by Adam Kahan. This is part 2 of 3 of Buster's introduction to life...
    Igor + Valentine

    This animation aims to paint a picture of optimism and hope for education worldwide. Matt Smithson collaborated with the talented Jimmy Simpson to create the visuals for this piece and was given...
  • Commercial

    Igor + Valentine

    Quip is a new platform that allows easier collaboration across teams than ever. It was a huge honor working closely with the Quip team (and using Quip to do it!)...
  • Online Film

    Future of StoryTelling
    Igor + Valentine

    For the first time in human history, science and technology have caught up with the imagination. Psychology professor Dr. Marvin Chun’s research is introducing tools to decode the mind -...