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  • 3D Animation
  • Character Animation
Case study


The Brief

Agency, THINKFARM approached Not To Scale with the task of designing a new CG brand mascot and range of characters for ’TOGGL’ the fast growing tech business that offers time-tracking software for creatives and their businesses. The Characters needed to be eye catching and appeal to a creative target audience.  They needed to be immediately used in a brand film, as social media assets, and across large out of home poster sites in New York, and all within a fast timeframe of  seven weeks.
Initial storyboard

The Solution 

Not To Scale offered up their directing collective Ronda who have a proven track record in South America for developing charming, quirky CG characters to tackle the brief. Ronda started with the central character, Mr ‘T’,  before moving onto designing a series of lovable poppy characters that represented daily work tasks or activities, such as; designing, doing expenses, video conferencing, filming, coding and so on. Whilst Not To Scale worked with THINKFARM to develop a tight, engaging script that would work within the timings and available resources.


Mr T - Character Design 3D
The Result
A re-invigorated Brand that has people all over Brooklyn stopping to take notice and find out more about ‘TOGGL’ and it’s uses.
We call him ‘Mr T’.
Krister Haav, CEO at Toggl

If you’re in or connected to the NYC creative scene, especially around Queens and Brooklyn, the ‘takeover campaign’ would be hard to miss. Proliferating on buildings, billboards, bus shelters and subways and supported by an extensive digital media campaign on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, the campaign is big on character – and the characters are big on the walls of NYC.

I can’t tell you how happy this campaign makes me. We have a massive, global community of individual users who are wonderful advocates.
Mart Virkus, Head of Marketing at Toggl
Toggl Website
Toggl Website
Toggl Website
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