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  • 2D Animation
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Case study

Amex Gold

The Brief

Ogilvy London approached us to animate the new Amex Gold TVC in the style of illustrator Tom Haugomat. The brief was to use Tom’s style as a starting point and expand on it to develop transition ideas and devise a recognisable filmic language for the 30″ film that introduces the benefits of the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card.

The Solution 

Not To Scale directors Colin Hesterly and Matthias Hoegg joined forces to create the same intrigue as Tom Haugomat’s print campaign in a time based medium through clever transitions, using visual cues to seamlessly move from one image to the next. Like the print campaign, the animation rewards repeated viewing with a wealth of details and background detail that gently support the story of the film. The team worked together to create magical transitions using 2D and 3D camera work as well as using juxtapositions of scale between foreground and background. A number of compositions centered around a rectangular object were also used to subtly evoke the iconic shape of the American express card before fully resolving into the pack shot at the end of the film.


While the film's aesthetics were already in place from the newly launched campaign, there was still plenty of work to be done in expanding and building out the world. I feel like our job was to figure out the best way to carry across those visuals and bridge the gap between print and film, which proved to be harder than expected. With print what you see is what you get. With film, you have to think beyond the frame's edge.
Colin Hesterly, Co-Director

The Result

A stylish film that explores the potential locked with the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card. Produced out of Not To Scale HQ in London in close partnership with Ogilvy, the 30” film introduces the benefits of the Gold Card in a 2D and 3D animated sequence encompassing different holiday locations through one continuous camera move, where each relaxing moment on the journey effortlessly rolls into the next.


It's all about style and grace, with the occasional ah-ha moment thrown in. Things like the cocktail glass turning into a diving board or the umbrella spinning into the wheel of a car. It all came down to creating the unexpected.
Matthias Hoegg, Co-Director
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