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  • 3D Animation
  • VFX
Case study


The Brief

Saatchi & Saatchi London approached Not To Scale and our directing duo Pierre + Bertrand to collaborate and develop a character based around EE’s latest super fast SIM card. P+B designed the idea of the robot SIMOTRON 3000 transforming from the brand new SIM.

The Process

While designing the hero SIMOTRON 3000, P+B strived for their look to stay away from the clichéd aesthetics associated with robots. To aid this, the duo developed a slew of drawings which experimented widely with shapes, assets, sizes and features. From these, four potential designs were chosen with the final ‘Toy Robot’ selected as the penultimate concept to build upon.

In the past we’ve designed various iconic characters including some robots where the designs were derived from one specific element. The result from this approach was not only a strong design, but also more importantly, an original design that managed to stay away from the classical idea of a robot.
Pierre & Betrand, Directors

The Solution 

Character design is an area in which Pierre + Bertrand really shine. It was fundamental that their design would highlight the impressive features of EE’s brand new SIM card and what sets it apart from its competitors.  The core value is that SIMOTRON is a representation of the power and possibilities of the new SIM card. It all evolves around power; speed, size, and the idea that it will transform the customer’s phone experience.

P+B found their inspiration in the design of art toys, thinking that the SIMOTRON 3000 should look similar to a toy that people would like to touch and play with. You’ll immediately recognize the SIM card which is the core, brain and heart of the robot. The SIM card transforms in a way similar to the cars from the “Transformers” – though unlike the heavy and “traditional/old fashioned” look and feel of the Transformers, SIMOTRON 3000 is small, light, and incredibly fast.

After roughing out the designs in a 2D animatic, the duo moved onto the final 3D aspect. Playing around with the robot’s movements and features proved a intricate and exciting challenge. One particular obstacle the duo had to overcome was cleverly conveying emotion, even though SIMOTRON 3000 doesn’t have any facial features!

Pierre and Bertrand have brought our moonwalking, dating-app-loving SIMOTRON to life brilliantly. There are wonderful touches and details throughout to ensure that our little bot really packs a punch in the crowded market of phone deals and packages.
Suzanne Hails, EE Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi London

The Result

The EE SIMOTRON 3000 campaign included a 50 second national online commercial, online banner films and striking posters displayed across EE’s 500+ stores across the UK, coinciding with digital advertisements across the web.