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adidas #Originalisneverfinished

True to the name of the adidas Originals campaign, the brand yet again re-envisioned ‘Original is never finished’. Now with the help of a new set of creators (Kendall Jenner, James Harden, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti), and a new take on the iconic Frank Sinatra track ‘My Way’, adidas has recreated their original film to prove that #ORIGINALisneverfinished.

Featured in the atmospheric, glitchy spot are 14 stills created by some of the talented directors and designers at Not To Scale, working with Johannes Leonardo. From a gleaming four-limbed android to an eerie image of an alien abduction, each offers a new take on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, where the traditional proportional pose is reinterpreted with a unique twist.

“In a series of new scenes, the historic and iconic pose, a symbol of power, proportions and a perception of an ‘ideal,’ is translated to uniquely identify with each individual in the film in a way which personifies their personality and influences imposed by beliefs within culture and society,” says adidas.

Watch the full film below, and find all the stills on our Facebook Page.

Mate Steinforth
Stephanie Davidson
Kris Merc
Le Cube
Barry Bruner
Jeremie Doutre

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Jeremie Doutre