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Left Right
  • 2D Animation
  • Nominated Interactive/UX&UI - Motion Awards 2018

R/GA Singapore
Online Film

Year With Uber

A fluid, vibrant trip through 2017 with the world’s largest ride hailing company, “Year With Uber” showcases the brilliant character work created by Le Cube. The two-minute branded music video follows the exploits and adventures of a huge cast of cool drivers and happy riders on four wheels and two.

Bringing back its data visualisation campaign #YearWithUber as a way of personalising a thank you message to its users, the campaign by R\GA Singapore uses Uber user data to create a personalised story about how they travelled in the past year. This year the data is used to create a ‘one of a kind’ music video for each user, based off location personalisation, as well as a combination of 5,000 story and song combinations. For each country, different cultural visual cues will be used, such as cricket in India and tuk tuks in Thailand. Key statistics are presented, such as when you most travelled, how many miles you clocked up and how many cities were visited.

“Scenes and lyrics are directly informed by user trip data, making each film one of a kind. We built an engine interpreting that data and selecting accordingly the visuals and lyrics, stitching them all together to create the final film.” says R/GA creative director, Cyril Louis.