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Left Right
  • 2D Animation
  • Silver Lion in Augmented Mobile Experience - Cannes Lions 2016
  • Bronze in Animation - Ciclope Latino 2017

JWT Brazil
Online Film

Senna: in the Heart of Brazil
Instituto Ayrton Senna

Senna is more than a Formula 1 racer; for Brazilians, he is a hero, an icon of overcoming hardship, of strong will and good character. Although tragically dying young in a race in 1994, his legacy lives on. Part of this is thanks to his family who opened an NGO, Instituto Ayrton Senna; their mission is to help in the education of Brazilian children and keep the image of Ayrton Senna alive. For the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Instituto Ayrton Senna, together with JWT and Le Cube, have prepared a beautiful message from Senna to all the Brazilian olympic athletes, emphasising the powerful significance of winning on home soil. Ayrton Senna lost eight times before winning the Brazilian GP, and when he did, it was no easy feat. Despite difficulties, he still faced it unflinchingly.


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