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Richard Hickey Biography

Richard Hickey began life as an illustrator. There he started with a blank piece of paper and the drive to tell stories. His drive and determination continued and he started to hone his narrative skills by directing 2D & 3D animation.
It was his passion for all things animated and live action that lead to him joining Superfad in Los Angeles as a director and Creative Director where he honed his skills in combining vfx, animation and live action. Evidence of which can be found in his 2013 Raindance selected animated short “Francis” and his two latest spots for Skittles and Fedex.
It was at Superfad that he built his reputation in the U.S. as one of a few directors that would be considered seriously by agencies for live action and animated performance based projects. Richard now works through Not To Scale in Europe on campaigns that encompass all of the above, never forgetting that each project starts with a blank piece of paper and a passion to tell a story.

Richard Hickey


The story of ‘Francis’ came about interestingly from famed radio show ‘This American Life’. Broadcaster Ira Glass asked 6 American writers to create a short story about Adventure. One of these stories written by novelist; screenwriter Dave Eggers, it was read on the show to much acclaim and praise. Richard Hickey worked with producer Kevin Batten & a team to turn the words into this short. The film has been shown at Cannes Film Festival and Raindance.

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Richard Hickey

Skittles – Tapeworm

Skittles penchant for bizarre humour is perfectly demonstrated with this comical advert, directed by Richard Hickey, where a Tapeworm swaps between two friends, in the bid for our guy in his boxers to shift his last 8lb. Marrying excellent comedy writing with character design bringing to life this mixture of CGi and Live Action perfectly.

Richard Hickey

Nintendo – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Richard Hickey creates this characterful commercial for Kirby’s first console platform game since the Nintendo 64™ days. The creative approach was based on an amazing new look for the game based on animated yarn and a world of cloth and textiles cleverly woven into the spot. The character development resulted in ever-morphing Kirby to take on a variety of new forms.

Richard Hickey

Calottery – Red Hot 7 – Rabbits

Working with The Californian Lottery and David & Goliath, Richard Hickey set to work creating a marriage of live action shot rabbits and 3D CGi. For centuries, people have attached themselves to physical trinkets that they believed lent them luck throughout their life, yet the Rabbit Foot Factory commercial shows that this is no longer necessary. Why? Because the new Red Hot 7 scratch tickets are here. Bunnies around the world can now rejoice since the commercial shows that the Rabbit Foot Factory has been closed for good.


Richard Hickey

Fed Ex – Tiny Office

Richard Hickey directed this short film for Fedex called ‘Tiny Office’. It is a live action look at how a very small company can benefit from Fedex’s services.

Richard Hickey

Aleve – Tennis

Live action and CGI blended seamlessly into this advert for US Pain Killer “Aleve”.

Richard Hickey

Europride – Zurich

Great mix of live action and character animation, advertising the 2009 Europride held in Zurich.

Richard Hickey

Know Your Potus

An animated series about Presidents of the United States. Directed by Richard Hickey.