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Pic Pic Andre

Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar are leading names in animation whose work enjoys a solid popular and critical following.

Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier met in 1986 while they were both students at La Cambre, Belgium’s School of Visual Arts. It was there that they created the characters Pic Pic the magic pig and André the evil horse; 2D heroes of mad stories about beer, everlasting friendship and magical forks. Soon after their graduation, they decided to extend their collaboration by setting up together the Pic Pic André workshop, characterised by their ability to master a wide range of animation techniques as well as a quirky “off the wall” Belgian sense of humour.

The result of their collaboration was more episodes starring Pic Pic and André and other mixed technique short films, all highly acclaimed at animation festivals worldwide. Some of their more notable work includes bringing to life a whole set of little plastic toys for their cult stop motion TV series “Panique Au Village” (A Town Called Panic) which was selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. They also made 6 commercials modelled on the “Panic” approach for the British milk brand Cravendale. They were back on the red carpet at Cannes 2012 with “Ernest and Celestine”, a 2D feature they co-directed with Benjamin Renner and which is based on the popular children’s books by Gabrielle Vincent. They are currently working on a couple of scripts including a feature length starring the Pic Pic and André characters and a new 30 minute TV episode of “Panique Au Village”.

  • Commercial

    Pic Pic Andre

    Fun-filled time time travelling machine capers with Wieden+Kennedy London in this 7 day stop motion shoot for Cravendale.
  • Short Film

    Les Tourplats
    Pic Pic Andre

    Trouble from Pic Pic Andre, fresh from their success with their feature film "Panic Au Village" which took Cannes by storm. The Belgian directing duo serve up their usual barmy...