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    Flamboyant Paradise

    Creators of impressive characters within strange, unique worlds.

    Flamboyant Paradise is the alliance of award winning directors Javier Lourenço & Antoine Quairiat. They are a creative film-making team that focuses on outstanding art direction and provocative storytelling, creating top-notch animations and unusual live action, often with brilliant humour. The duo develop incredible characters within unique worlds; fluffy emotions, colourful palettes and sunny smiles.

    The Flamboyant Paradise philosophy stems from the belief that outstanding work comes from the collaboration of passionate artists. They take each project on as a new challenge to develop cutting edge techniques and original narratives.

    • Commercial

      Flamboyant Paradise

      A girl standing in front of a vending machine is seduced by a Ruffles potato chip... The main challenge of the project was to convey the "provocative" personality of sexy Batatito.
    • Commercial

      Flamboyant Paradise

      A little bit of fun with juicy contradictions for Wrigley's confectionary brand, Starburst.
    • BT
      Flamboyant Paradise

      Not To Scale London collaborated with AMV BBDO to create this visual bombardment of animated images for BT Mobile. This 'New Ugly' film was inspired by some of the great...